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underrepresented in Berlin Tech

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Community for the underrepresented based in Berlin

BlackInTech Berlin was founded to create a community and support system for black developers and black professionals in tech living in Berlin. The mission of our community is to gather together, empower, include, represent and ally with all black professionals working in the technology industry. Research shows that only a fraction of technology workers are black with number staggering between 3 - 7%. Given these statistics, isolation and lack of support keeps the black tech professional in a vacuum.

The community was founded by Kave Bulambo and later joined by Emmanuel Acquah as cofounder of the community bringing expertise from engineering and talent acquisition as community engagement. Being both Berliners they truly understand how challenging the journey to building a career in tech can be for black professionals. They are also both strong ally builders who understand that this work can only be achieved in partnership with those who have access to resources and network.


Kave Bulambo


Emmanuel Acquah

Co Founder